Monday, August 13, 2007

Kicking off 360|Flex

Last night was a great party at the 360|Flex conference in Seattle. Got to meet up with Matt Chotin, Doug McCune, and meet some of the Flex Dev team, and hang out with Ryan Stewart, and lot of very cool Flex geeks.

Last the EffectiveUI crew to see Charlie Hunter who was playing a few blocks away from the conference, but it turns out they weren't doing a second set that night. That sucks, cause Charlie's a real life guitar hero.

We recovered in style by bar hopping a bit with Ryan and Doug and a bunch of other guys, and then ended up at a dive bar debating RIAs in Enterprise and if "real product" companies care, and why they should if they don't. Hopefully Adam will talk about it because he had some good points.

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