Wednesday, August 8, 2007

asdoc tip

So, I've been senior having a little trouble with asdoc. I needed to doc some code that requires Cairngorm, so I wrongly assumed that I could tell asdoc to add another library with this command:

asdoc -doc-sources . -library-path "path to cairngorm swc"

... but I was wrong. DEAD WRONG. ok.. just wrong. Instead, what I wanted was this:

asdoc -doc-sources . -library-path+="path to cairngorm swc"

because in the former case, I was telling asdoc to ignore the flex framework, which doesn't get you very far. I should have guessed that from using the command line compilers before, but I guess not.

Word to the wise!

1 comment:

mcoopet said...

Nice...thank you! I ran into the same exact problem and would have wasted an afternoon.