Wednesday, August 15, 2007

360|Flex Day 2

Pretty tired after hanging out with some of the Adobe guys late last night. Got to meet David Zuckerman, who put refactoring in the upcoming Flex Builder 3. I had to restrain myself from hugging him. Real nice guy, too.

Buzzword. The best session I'd seen so far, in terms of really useful content about how a very complex and well architected Flex application. When I saw a demo of Buzzword at Web 2.0 I thought "Sweet, it looks better than Word, I hope I can check it out soon". They're still not done, and now I know why. They've got a very solid application and it's a lot more complicated than just a big text input area. They're focusing intently on stability and performance. They even have a testing application built in to the app which lets them record a macro of some actions and save them as a repeatable test that can be performed in a suite inside the application by QA. They do this by having each command (they have their own framework - they hadn't heard of Cairngorm when they started) know how to reproduce itself in Actionscript, and that Actionscript is run later by the test runner. Very good stuff.

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