Friday, October 15, 2010


So, after many years of holding out, I'm going to get a Warr Guitar
( There sure are a lot of strings on there,
but that versatility is going to be great. I'm going with the Treg
Gunn Signature model with 12 strings, 12 piezo pickups and 6 MIDI
pickups (which are on the guitar/melody side). The ability to blend
between piezo pickups (which pick up acoustic, physical vibrations as
opposed to magnetic pickups which pick up the string's disturbance of
their magnetic field) and control a MIDI instrument, play melody or
bass with two hands or melody and bass at the same time is going to
give me so much capability. I won't be proficient for a long time, but
I'll be able to do small thing soon. I can't wait.

Not only are there lots of options on the Trey Gunn (and Warr's in
general), the construction is top notch. Warr Guitars are heirlooms.
Mark Warr really gives personalized service helping to figure out
which woods, construction, tuning, and options make the instrument the
customer wants. It's been great to talk with him over email and on the
phone so quickly after my first contact. He works hard to make sure
that he educates the customer on the process such that they can get
the best savings by helping him be as efficient as possible.

When I starting thinking about the construction and materials I
wanted, I really liked this picture:

The top wood on that Phalanx model is really interesting and a break
away from the standard Quilted Maple high end look. Mark let me know
that the wood would cost extra, but as long as everything else works
out, I think it's worth it. It looks awesome.

Have a look at the picture of the Buckeye burl below. That's the wood
Mark found for the top of my and a few other guitars. He thinks he may
be able to get three tops out of it, so that gives you an idea of how
big it is. I'll put more progress updates on here as things get going.
The construction is going to take 4-5 months, so I have plenty of time
to get psyched up to finally play this thing.

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