Tuesday, October 2, 2007

MAX Day One

Internet connection is a bit spotty, and I was running all over the place yesterday, so I'm a day off, sorry.

Best session yesterday was "Flash Internals" by some guys from the Flash Player team. Those guys were geek's geeks. Good information about the pieces of the player and how separate the renderer is from the part that runs the code.

My talk on Flex with Rails went fairly well except RIGHT as I was about to show the fruits of my labor during the code walkthrough, my COMPUTER... my fancy MAC BOOK PRO CRASHED. So that was pretty annoying, but I have another shot at it on Wednesday. Hopefully that one goes better, but still, I think I was able to spread some good word about Flex with Rails and why Rails has the best development experience of the available back end languages.

Got to meet Aaron Smith of RubyAMF fame, who graciously came to my talk. Got to introduce him to a appreciative crowd. We talked about a few things afterwards, a few ideas and Rails performance. Really great guy.

After that some of the EffectiveUI crew hit the streets with some of the Flex team till late. Made it hard to make the Keynote this morning. I'll have a post about Thermo soon :)

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