Monday, October 1, 2007

Flex and Rails resources

Thanks for coming to my talk at MAX on Flex with Rails. I really wish my computer wouldn't have crashed right before the last part of my presentation, so I'm glad you actually found this post since I never got to show it up on the big screen.

Here are some of the resources that can point you in the right place when you're starting on integrating Flex with Rails:

Pragmatic Programmers has the definitive word on Rails.
Flexible Rails was the first book to start talking about Flex with Rails and what a great match they make.

Peter Armstrong - author of Flexible Rails.
Aaron Smith - RubyAMF is an AMF implementation for Ruby
Derek Wischusen -
Daniel Wanja -
The Midnight Coders - Creators of WebOrb for Rails.

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warhero said...

hey Man great job on the session. Was great just to see someone pushing flex and rails. No worries about the comp crashing. I think people got the idea. Great job man-looking forward to having u on board rubyamf.