Friday, May 15, 2009

Number 8

I'm number 8.

That's an important number to me, and has been for three years now. I was the 8th person to join on to a small, merry band of nerds and put my own desk together at 18th and Grant in May of 2006. It's been a great ride and it's taken me places I never thought I would go.

Today is my last day at EffectiveUI. I'm not leaving because I've grown tired of working with these guys or because I don't believe in EffectiveUI anymore, because I haven't and I still do. If I could still work with the people I've worked with the last three or so years forever, I would.

I'm leaving because I'm burnt out dealing with client work, that's all. I'm going to another company (which I'll blog about later) which will let me focus on a product I believe in and continue to make it better iteration after iteration - not just until the budget runs out. It's always tough when you want to do more and take a project to the next step and the next step after that, but business realities get in the way. I know that the product world has as many problems as a service company, but I'm ready to meet them head on now.

It's tough, but it's a good choice for me. I'm glad that I'll only be 5 blocks away from EUI, so I'll be stopping in regularly and making sure I don't lose touch. I hope that my new company can continue to be a client of EffectiveUI too.

I was number 8!


Maikel Sibbald said...

High five!!!

Tony said...

What it is!

[ andy.mcintosh ] said...

Good talk, Rus.

RJ said...

was EUI at 18th and Grant before the Glenarm office, or did you mean 18th and Glenarm?

Also, it's been real. :) You'll be missed, homie. Thanks for bringing me into the fold 3 years ago and being such a good friend and co-worker.

Tony said...

Look. By Grant I mean Glenarm. Also, it comes to my attention that I've been living a lie all these years and may have been the 9th or even 10th employee. What really matters though, is the myth, and I'm keeping that alive.