Wednesday, August 20, 2008

See the Data, Be the Data at 360|Flex

Juan Sanchez and I just got done with what turned out to be a really fun presentation on Data Visualization at 360|Flex. We had code samples that we didn't get to, but hearing feedback it seems like people were fine with that and enjoyed the chat about theory a bit.

Here's the presentation:

See the Data, Be the Data
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The code samples are up here - if you're not using git, you can still click the download link and get a tarball of the source code. Thanks to everyone who came to see the talk.


I noticed that this preso is up on AMP now, and as I watched it I noticed how I failed to answer the question about the 2D picture for 1D data in the olympics example. I talked about lying and all that stuff, but what I didn't get was that as long as the *area* of the circles showing the gold medals was in proportion, then the graph was true to the data. Sorry for being misleading, there, I was a little thrown by the question, but I should have be able to get it.


Matt Guest said...

You guys put on a great presentation. Data visualization has always interested me, but my professional work hasn't had much of a call for it.

Who was the guy who's work you mentioned that we should check out at the beginning? I'd like to delve deeper into this subject.


Tony said...

@Matt, look at the last slides in the deck, ones which we didn't get to, and that shows some resources.

The guy we mentioned was Edward Tufte, sort of a galvanizing figure in the data viz world. His site is at but don't let the terrible design throw you off.