Sunday, November 11, 2007

CFUnited Express Presentation: Offline/Online with AIR

This last Friday (11/9) I was able to stand in for Simon Horwith and speak at CFUnited Express Bay Area, a mini conference by TeraTech. I spoke on the features of AIR that enable developers to build Occasionally Connected Clients.

I had a good time and I was surprised by the diversity of the topics and the way ColdFusion development is going these days.

I worked with ColdFusion for 5 years or so 4 years ago, but spent a lot of energy trying to get some different languages under my belt, and so landed where I am today doing Flex and Rails and Java and so on. I'm happy working with what I'm working with, but it's good to see that the CF community is keeping up with the times and even enjoying some new features that make other dynamic language frameworks like Rails so fun to work with, as mentioned by speakers like Sean Corfield

Here's a link to my presentation from Friday, which has links to the code samples I showed.

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