Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs' Legacy

Steve Jobs' legacy is one of continually, relentlessly building beautiful, useful things that anyone could use and love to use.

Because of his efforts, the tools that I use every day are the best possible tools. Celebrities can't buy a substantively better computer than the one I use every day. Heads of State can't own a better smartphone than than the one I use every day. That egalitarianism of technology is a wonderful legacy. It may have been the case without Steve Jobs' hand in it, but what he also brought was a craftsman's perspective. He didn't want to build adequate things. He wanted to build beautiful things.

I hope he continues to be an inspiration, because we'll not see his like for a long time.

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Git for Android Developers

In a month or so in the November 6 to 9 range I'll be speaking at AnDevCon on Git for Android Developers.

I gave this same talk back in the spring, and people seemed to enjoy it. When the conference organizers approached to see if I was interested in speaking again, I said I'd love to speak, but this time on an Android topic. 

I really like working with RoboGuice, so I said I'd like to talk about that. They were into it, but said that the Git topic was popular, so could I do both? Since my talk on Git is pretty much ready to go I figured that'd be fine. 

Then the RoboGuice creator, Michael Burton, decided to speak on RoboGuice. I couldn't convince the AnDevCon guys that I had any more credibility than Michael on that topic, so now I'm back to just speaking on Git again!

No big deal, I think it's a worthy topic.

If you're interested in hearing how Git can help you save time, be more efficient, help you work better with teams, and be more confident about experementing on your Android project, then get thee to AnDevCon in November. If you sign up soon here you can get $200 off if you use the code 'Hillerson'.

Keep in mind that the last one sold out, so sign up soon. See you there!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

AnDevCon Discount Code

Want a $200 off a 3-day Passport or Workshop Passport to @AnDevCon? Sign up at and use 'Hillerson' as the discount code.

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